A few years back, architectural designer Janice Stanfield was looking for a functional, water resistant and durable bag to hold her creative work.  Inspired by the outdoors and California’s laid-back style, the Southern CA native developed an everyday tote bag from outdoor canvas and nylon; this became the start of STANFIELD.

STANFIELD aims to simplify your life by creating highly functional bags that are stylish, versatile and easy to carry.  STANFIELD was born out of dislike for excess and a desire for quality, so you can buy fewer things that will last longer.  We are passionate about making things the right way- ethically and with great attention to detail.  We count stitches.  We double-stitch seams.  We never settle for just ok.  Every detail is highly considered to create a design that is just enough and not too much.  We seek classic designs that are modern and prefer utility and versatility to trends.  

We design, cut, and sew all of our bags locally in our Corpus Christi, TX design studio using only the highest quality materials.  Our signature marine canvas is significantly more durable, water resistant and gets better looking with each use, year after year.  We strive to create thoughtful, well-designed, and long lasting accessories that meet the needs of your adventurous life and that you love to carry.