Your favorite STANFIELD bags are made with it.  So what makes our canvas so awesome?  

Boat awnings are tough.  That's why your STANFIELD bag is tough, it was meant to be one; able to withstand the elements by resisting tears and rough wear.  I love to use this awning canvas to create my bags because it provides the ideal combination of fashion, durability and water resistance.  It's clean and simple and more refined than waxed canvas, making it versatile, chic and modern.  If it can stand up to the heavy-duty demands of marine life, it's sure to withstand years of serious daily use toting your gear. 

canvas-briefcase-charcoal-grey- stanfield-bags

Water resistant and lightweight canvas

This tightly woven fabric has a much different structure than your average canvas.  The difference is that it's exceptionally lighter in weight, yet durable, with a crisp quality and soft hand.  Because of the unique properties of the material, we're able to keep even our larger bags like the Briefcase and Weekender bag under 2 lbs.  Bonus when navigating through airport terminals or lugging around your laptop on a daily basis.

Fade resistant

The color is distributed all the way through the material, meaning that, as time passes, the colors stay true to their original appearance.  Your new bag will be practically maintenance-free because the fabrics require very little cleaning and will never fade.


Versatile Design

Take your STANFIELD bag to the beach, hiking, your next weekend adventure or to the city to carry your work during your commutes.  No matter where you go, these bags will always be hard at work in protecting your gear against the elements.


Individually designed and built in-house with the highest quality materials and attention to detail. STANFIELD bags are exceptionally sturdy, lightweight and built to last. With the perfect combination of functionality and style, our collection is designed to help you travel anywhere.