The right materials can either make or break a design - Will they function for their intended use?  How will they impact the environment?  Are they hardwearing and last for years?  

I’ve been designing and sewing {everything from clothes to bags to comforters} for over 20 years and I’ve experimented with many different materials along the way.  A few years ago, I discovered marine canvas at a local fabric store and haven’t looked back since.  I genuinely enjoy working with this material and you can wear it with just about anything.  Of course, I’m always open to new options, but for now this is my go-to.

So, what makes marine canvas so great for creating bags?:

Durable & Long-lasting 
Boat covers are tough. That's why Stanfield bags are tough - they were meant to be one.  Intended for a life on the rough seas, marine canvas is meant for daily abuse.  So I figured, if it can stand up to the heavy-duty demands of marine life, it's sure to withstand years of serious daily use toting your gear - and it does. 

Lightweight Design
Marine canvas has a much different structure than typical canvas.  With a much longer lifespan than cotton, it's exceptionally lightweight, with a crisp quality yet soft to the touch.  Because of its unique properties, I'm able to keep even my larger bags liketotes, and backpacks under 2 lbs. - bonus when navigating through airport terminals or lugging around your laptop and books on a daily basis.

Water Repellent & Stain Repellent
This tightly woven material won’t allow liquids to pass through, yet it’s still breathable.  It’s also treated with a water/ stain repellent coating -the perfect thing to have by your side when you get caught in a freak rainstorm or that inevitable moment when you spill your morning coffee.  

Fade Resistant
Each individual fiber is color saturated from the inside out, which creates a rich and fade resistant color that lasts, even with extreme daily use.

Marine canvas is clean and simple.  I find it more refined than waxed canvas, making it more versatile and modern {which I love}.  You can dress it up or down - it goes with just about anything.  Plus, there’s no wax to rub off on your clothes during the hotter months and you can avoid the tedious task of reapplying wax.

Easy Care
This canvas is super easy to maintain, and I looove that!  - Hand wash, air dry, apply spray fabric protector 303 Fabric Guard to restore water repellency as needed. Easy peasy!

Take these bags to the beach, hiking, to your next weekend adventure and to the city to carry your work during your morning commutes.  No matter where you go, they will always be hard at work in protecting your gear.