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Marine Canvas Exterior

Boat awnings are tough.  That's why your STANFIELD bag is tough, it was meant to be one; able to withstand the elements by resisting tears, fading and rough wear.  It was made for the outdoors.  This tightly woven fabric is treated with a water/stain resistant coating that will not wash off, making it easy to care for and easy to wear.  With a much different structure and substantially longer lifespan than cotton, it's exceptionally lighter in weight yet durable, with a crisp quality and soft hand.  This unique material offers the ideal combination of fashion, durability and functionality.  It will stand up to heavy-duty use on a daily basis and become uniquely yours with age.      


Nylon Lining

Medium in weight and high in durability, our nylon is coated to make it extremely water resistant.  With a distinct texture and shimmer, this material is long lasting, tear and abrasion resistant, lightweight and easy to clean.



How to Care for Your Bag

Often these materials can be used for years without needing to be washed.  When it's time for a good washing, try water first; simply spot wash with clean, cold water and air dry.  For stubborn marks, use 1/4 cup dishwashing liquid per 1 gallon water, rinse with cold water and air dry.


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