Many of the fabrics we use are sourced from US, family owned fabric stores that specialize in off-cut materials.  This is just one way we minimize waste. Here's a look at the materials we're currently using:   


Water Repellent Marine Canvas

Intended for life on the rough seas, this highly sturdy material is made to last, with properties that make it extremely resistant to tears, fading and rough wear. This tightly woven fabric won't allow liquids to pass through, yet it's still breathable. With an added water/stain repellent top coating, this material will protect your gear from anything that life throws your way- from rain and snow to accidental spills. With a much different structure and substantially longer lifespan than cotton, it’s exceptionally lightweight yet durable, with a crisp quality yet soft to the touch. It will stand up to heavy-duty use on a daily basis and become uniquely yours with age.    

Water Repellent Nylon Lining

Medium in weight and high in durability, our nylon is treated to make it water repellent. With a distinct texture and shimmer, this material is long lasting, tear and abrasion resistant, lightweight and easy to clean.

How To Clean Your Canvas Bag

Hand wash as needed using mild soap and cold water (do not use detergent). Air dry thoroughly. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. After washing, apply a fabric protector such as "303 Fabric Guard" to restore water repellency as needed.

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