What Fits Inside

Here’s a look at each one of our designs for a better idea on size and what fits inside, with room to spare.


BACKPACK // 12”w x 16.5”h x 5” d

WEEKENDER // 20”w x 15”h x 9”d

DAY TOTE // 15”w x 15”h x 5”d

CARRYALL NO.2 // 12”w x 9”h w 3.5”d

CARRYALL MINI // 10.5”w x 7.5”h x 2.5”d

TRAVEL KIT // 8”w bottom, 10.5”w top x 5.5”h x 4”d

ACCESSORY POUCH // 8”w x 5.5”h x 2”d